Click to download the official outcome document of Rio+20: The Future We Want [English] Haga clic para descargar el documento final oficial de Rio+20: El Futuro Que Queremos [Español]

Nueve países latinoamericanos liderados por Chile anunciaron su intención de negociar un acuerdo regional sobre acceso a la información, participación ciudadana y acceso a la justicia en materia ambiental: el llamado Principio 10 que nació en la original Cumbre de la Tierra en 1992. Si bien la sensación generalizada en Río es la un gran fracaso por parte de los estados en lograr [...]

After two years of negotiations, over 150 heads of state and other world leaders arrived in Rio on Wednesday for the largest conference the United Nations has ever had.  They arrived with the assumed intention to reaffirm failed commitments made twenty years ago in this very city, to forge a pathway toward creating the future we want for ourselves, our [...]

Statement of NGOs (Plenary session – 20th of June) In text form: Thank you President I am making this statement on behalf of the NGOs It feels amazing to be sitting in this room among all the world leaders, and feeling all this power around me that can shape the World. We all know the threat that is facing us, [...]

As I was sitting in the Blogging Room yesterday trying to charge my computer, two men walked in.  They asked for everyone’s attention and proceeded to voice their frustration with how weak the new Rio Declaration draft document was.  If we wanted, they said, we could join them in the courtyard where they had gathered “occupy style”.  At 4 pm, [...]

Being a law student, I couldn’t resist attending the International Development Law Organization’s presentation on Legal Preparedness for the Green Economy. I have always been a bit cynical about the effectiveness of international environmental laws. There are so many issues with implementation and enforcement that they are often neglected soon after the ink dries. In my opinion, regional commitments and [...]

     After spending the majority of the past few days at the official conference site, Sherry and I (both interns in CEDHA’s Mining Project) decided to attend a march held by the People’s Summit. This event could not have been further from the official conference in Rio Centro – in more ways than one. All the way across town, thousands [...]

En la cumbre de la tierra – también conocida como Río+20 – representantes de los estados-nación, de las industrias multinacionales, y de la sociedad civil en su conjunto tienen por delante el desafío de lograr un consenso en los compromisos políticos en favor del desarrollo sustentable y de encontrar soluciones en conceptos claves para poder pensar en la implementación de [...]