As I was sitting in the Blogging Room yesterday trying to charge my computer, two men walked in.  They asked for everyone’s attention and proceeded to voice their frustration with how weak the new Rio Declaration draft document was.  If we wanted, they said, we could join them in the courtyard where they had gathered “occupy style”.  At 4 pm, they were going to leave Rio Centro and head over to the People’s Forum because they believed there was no room for them or real change at the UN Conference. We are all invited.  It seems like the tepid hope from the beginning of the week has quickly dissipated – at least for those sitting in the courtyard “occupy style”.

(The picture above is from the march of the People’s Forum.  Translated into English, it means, “They don’t represent us”.)

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  1. Selman says:

    It’s a pleasure to find smonoee who can think so clearly

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